Our Products

The Ultimate Cigar Ashtray

At ACCU-DYNE MACHINE TOOL, Inc. we have designed and produced our own line of custom cigar ashtrays. Using our high-tech CNC Machines we produce our ashtrays from a solid block of aircraft grade aluminum. They also include non-marring rubber feet to help protect the surface it is resting on.

Each ash tray is 1 5/8" thick by 8"X8" square, weighs 6 pounds and has a space age coating for durability and weather proofing. In addition, we offer an array of different options for your custom ashtray such as:

Storage for a cigar cutter, glass beaded finish, and customize your ashtray with the imprinting of text. Give us a call for current pricing and availability today... We look forward to customizing an ashtray for you or your friends.

This will be the last cigar ashtray you will ever have to purchase, unless you need additional ones for your friends and family. Contact us today if you are interested in purchasing your own Ultimate Cigar Ashtray or for more information.

The Ultimate Winch Seat

Are you tired of sitting on hard fiberglass? Are your back and legs hurting after a long day of sailing? Well worry no more because ACCU-DYNE MACHINE TOOL, Inc. has produced the perfect solution for you… The Ultimate Winch Seat. .

The Ultimate Winch Seat is constructed out of heavy duty marine plywood, Marine Naugahyde, a comfortable 2 inch foam seat, and built with 97% stainless Steel hardware.

Some of the key features of this seat are:

  • It gives you an excellent vantage point while sitting on the high side
  • Seat fits into most winches you may have aboard your vessel
  • Floats
  • Easy retrieval loop
  • Compact design for easy towage

Contact us today if you are interested in owning your very own Ultimate Winch Seat or for more information.