CNC Turning Services

ACCU-DYNE MACHINE TOOL, Inc. has capabilities to preform CNC Turning. CNC turning is the process of spinning a piece of metal or any material at a very high rate of speed on a lathe while a tool is used to turn a specific shape from the material that is used. The minimum size of the bar stock can be .060" to a maximum of 2.625 diameter through the spindle with a tolerance of +/-.0002." We machine aluminum, steel, stainless steel, and most plastics through our CNC turning services.

Our machines also use the process of live tooling and contain an automatic bar feed and have sub spindles as well. All of these components on our machines help to create an end product that meets or exceeds the specifications needed for each job. Our CNC turning technology helps increase speed and efficiency of the machines while still keeping the same high quality, something that we take pride in at ACCU-DYNE MACHINE TOOL, Inc. (Our Motto: Precision with Pride).

Contact us today and see how our CNC turning services can help you.

Our CNC Turning Machines:

  • 1- Daewoo Puma 1500 SY w/sub spindle & live tooling & LNS bar feed
  • 1- PUMA 2100 Y w/live tooling
  • 1- Daewoo Puma 240M w/live tooling and LNS Servo Bar feed