CNC Milling Service

CNC Milling is another large part of our business at ACCU-DYNE MACHINE TOOL, Inc. We have a large number of CNC milling machines all with an array of capabilities, which makes it easy for our company to produce parts for all of our clients needs. The parts that can be produced through our CNC milling equipment are endless. Our versatile equipment and operations are geared around efficient computer controlled equipment featuring automatic tool changers and pallet shuttle material handling systems. That's why we can produce efficiently enough to economically compete with your in-house production costs, or stay within your outsource budgets through our CNC milling service.

These CNC milling machines can handle small jobs all the way up to large complex jobs. Regardless of the size of the job ACCU-DYNE MACHINE TOOL, Inc. still provides the same timely service and quality each customer deserves. Our CNC milling machines have a tolerance of +/- .0002 of an inch and can mill an item with the maximum work envelope of 50"x 20"x 25". Put our machines to the test and put our highly trained staff to work for you today.

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Final Inspection

At ACCU-DYNE MACHINE TOOL, Inc. we put all of the final products that we produce through a rigorous inspection. Not only do the items have to meet our high standards but they also must meet our customers as well. If we feel that the item does not meet our specifications of quality we will go back and make the adjustments that are needed and produce a new item. We have a large number of machines that we use to preform our inspections.

Depending on the type of items that is being created determines the machine that we will use to perform the final inspection. No item will leave ACCU-DYNE MACHINE TOOL, Inc. before it has been properly inspected by our equipment as detailed below:

Our Metrology Lab is temperature controlled to 68 Degrees (+/-) 1-1/2 Degrees and complies with industry Standards. It Contains a Mitutoyo brt 707 CMM and Starrett AA Grade lab plate 36"x60", as well as:

  • 1- 24"x36" Granite Surface Plate
  • 1- Mitutoyo CMM Model MX 203 with Computer and Renishaw Touch Probe
  • 1- Browne & Sharpe 12" Digital Hite-locator
  • 1- Browne & Sharpe MICRO-HITE 600
  • 1- set of Mitutoyo Holtest Gages (.500-4.00)
  • 1- Mitutoyo 12" Digimatic Height Gage
  • 1- Mitutoyo 8" Digital Height Gage
  • 1- Mitutoyo Digital depth Micrometer 0"-6" (.00005 Resolution)
  • 1- Mitutoyo 81 pc. Gage Block Set
  • 1- Starrett Micrometer Set (0-6")
  • 1- Mitutoyo Micrometer Set (6-12")
  • Vermont Precision Gage Pins (.0110-.6250)
  • All Gages calibrated every 6 months per MII Spec 45662A/ 10012
  • Federal Pocket Surf III Surface Roughness Gage
  • S-T Industrial 14" optical Comparator w/Quadra check 200 control

Our Milling Machine List:

  • 1 Haas VF2 Machining Center with full tooling
  • 2 Haas VF3 Machining Canters
  • 1 Haas VF4 Machining centers
  • 3 Haas VF4 SS W/Coolant thru- side mounted tool changer with 41 tools
  • 1 Sharp Vertical Milling Machine with TRAAK A.G.E.2 control Unit, vary Speed head, chrome ways and 50 inch Tables
  • 2 Sharp Vertical Milling Machines with Proto TRAK MX 2 control units, vary speed heads, chrome ways 2 Sharp and 50 inch tables
  • 1 Sharp Vertical Milling Machine with vary speed head and a Fagor Digital Readout
  • 1 Sharp Vertical Milling Machine with vary speed head, chrome ways, and an Acu-Rite Millmate Digital Readout (.0002 resolution)