CNC Machining Services

CNC Machining services is where our company has a great deal of its focus. CNC Stands for Computer Numerical Control - meaning that the Blueprint for every individual piece is downloaded into a computer and after some fine tuning it is programed into the machine and creates the desired piece. We have a large number of CNC machines so we can handle multiple projects at the same time, to help shorten delivery. Our CNC machines are accurate down to +/- .0002 of an inch creating a product that will meet tolerances for whatever our customer requires. Our CNC Machines also run after hours, so we can have your product completed to meet your schedule.

Delivering the product in a timely manner is one of the most important goals we have here at ACCU-DYNE MACHINE TOOL, Inc., along with creating the highest quality part. Our CNC Machines put us a step ahead when it comes to creating a great product, but so does our highly trained and motivated staff that works diligently to cater to our customer’s requirements. The maximum work envelope for our CNC machining services is 50"x 20"x 25".

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Our CNC Machine List:

  • 1 Haas VF2 Machining Center with full tooling
  • 2 Haas VF3 Machining Canters
  • 1 Haas VF4 Machining centers
  • 4 Haas VF4 SS W/Coolant thru- side mounted tool changer with 41 tools
  • 1 Daewoo Puma 1500 SY w/sub spindle & live tooling & LNS bar feed
  • 1 PUMA 2100 Y w/live tooling
  • 1 Daewoo Puma 240M w/live tooling and LNS Servo Bar feed
  • 1 Citizen A-20V11 Swiss Screw Machine with Bar feeder